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The New Standard
in Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Privacy for Practitioners

Know the Law 

Create Trust & Safety in your Practice

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Take your learning to the highest level of integrity, lawful practice and safety.
For you and for your clients, patients and customers

Data protection has not changed in premise. The law has and is often updated with legislation that you must adhere to.

We are here to make the journey of learning and implementation that little bit easier for you, saving time, patience and potential fines or sanctions. 

A Standard for Data Protection

Data Protection knowledge and legislation can be confusing and often we find the practitioner feels lost in the world of jargon about what to do and how to do it. Our resources help you understand and what your legal duties are. Plain and simple. 

A Standard for Privacy Rights

We are expected to provide privacy rights and freedoms through the trusting relationship we have with our customers. We help you provide this for yours, with simple advice in our resources

A Standard for Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity can be confusing and many practitioners we speak to are overwhelmed by the large span of crimes that can be committed against them and their digital assets. Our advisory resources take the complex and make this simple for you so you can protect your systems.

Our Team

We have a number of people in our team that advise and consult from sectors such as Cybersecurity, Information Security, Data protection, International Standards, Privacy, and Childrens Rights and all have collaborated over the years to guide the resources to you in easy to understand steps

The Digital Space has Unprecedented Velocity.

We help you create trustworthy spaces in Digital Mental Health Support.

Privacy4 was developed as the Data Protection Laws changed in 2018.

Our team of experts helped create the P4 Standard, The Essential Guidebook for Therapists and Practitioners and CPD courses for organisations, training centres and services dedicated to providing mental health support.

When Covid-19 arrived, many practitioners found themselves moving to digital mental health with inadequate guidance. As such, many practitioners, to date, are providing support to clients, patients and customers without knowing the law.

This puts the practitioner at risk of fines, sanctions, litigation, and more worryingly at risk of data breaches and cybercrime.

Our service provides supportive training, resources and assistance to help you manage these risks and provide the same level of care, trustworthiness and safety to you and your business.

We provide guidance to training institutes and services as we know many are still unaware of changes that have been taking place in the world of data protection and privacy.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We have written a book with Routledge Published in November  2023!!


Our standard is currently undergoing an upgrade. Check back soon

You can purchase our essential guide written by Catherine Knibbs & Gary Hibberd here using the link above 

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